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11-Nov-2017 04:24

Ambulance in a church parking lot full of strangers-Check!

Covered in fake blood spat by Razor de Rockefeller–yes!

Best Fresh Meat Moment: It took me 4 or 5 tries to pass my level one assessments.

But that beautiful moment when it FINALLY happened after all that hard work… Likes: Positivity and encouragement, hip checking your friends, beer Dislikes: Smelly derby pads, cold weather, giving up Name Inspiration: It’s a reference to the movie Pacific Rim; Mako Mori is the best and I love her.

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: Flying would be cool, or laser vision that would be useful Birthday: September 29 Height: 5’7″ Skate: Reidell 265s with Crazy Venus plates Debut: Carolina Bootleggers vs.Debut: 2011 Teams You’ve Played For: Anti-hero Derby Alliance, Blood on Wheels Favorite Location: Morgan Creek Park….errrr pretty much any hill in Chapel Hill How did you find derby?