Practical uses of carbon dating

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In Bangladesh, new varieties of rice produced through mutation breeding have increased crops three-fold in the last few decades.During a period of rapid population growth, the use of nuclear techniques has enabled Bangladesh and large parts of Asia in general, to achieve food security and improved nutrition.Plantlets are selected and multiplied if they show desired traits.A process of marker-assisted selection (or molecular-marker assisted breeding) is used to identify desirable traits based on genes.(given a 66-hour half-life) 22% of around 104,000 TBq.

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The FAO works with the IAEA on programs to improve food sustainability assisted by nuclear and related biotechnologies.

Most medical radioisotopes made in nuclear reactors are sourced from relatively few research reactors, including: Of fission radioisotopes, the vast majority of demand is for of Mo-99 (for Tc-99m), and the world market is some 0 million per year.