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23-Jun-2017 16:31

When we walked off stage however, we found a country shattered and its people torn apart.

There are no adequate words right now, and even though life may appear to be going on as business as usual, beware of the normalization of this electio Do not refill your prescriptions, do not tune out, do not move to Canada just yet, and don’t think it’s enough tweeting and re-posting all your thoughts/frustrations to friends and family. We brought it on ourselves, it’s now our responsibility to oppose right-wing populist movements here and everywhere.

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David has brought back to life a lot of the old features including the ‘Tour Archive’ which lets everyone upload their own personal Live Photos, Set Lists, and Reviews of every show, dating back to 1999.To celebrate the release of the new album, Wrong Creatures, BRMC will be heading out across Europe, UK, North America, and Australia kicking off in Dublin on October 23rd.All dates are available on our Live page and tickets, including VIP access, are on sale now.In this post, I reveal my exact strategy I used to build this niche website. The earnings from this site in September-13 of £625.78 = 03.19 (at time of writing) If you're wondering why it's not in dollars, well I reside in the UK! It's all very well using keyword tools to find the search volume for keywords and getting excited when you see 74k monthly exact searches for the keyword “How to Make French Toast”.

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