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As well as from some concerned staff, working in school, who may have said girls who wear headscarf have suddenly stopped doing certain activitiy.

However, it is clear she did not go to a learned person from a mosque or MCB itself, to find out why hijab is important in Islam and in people’s lives. I think the singling out of young Muslim girls by Ofsted and quizzing them is really invasive and inappropriate.

Below is a collation of over 100 responses received by the MCB from Muslim women concerned about the latest announcement by Ofsted Chief, Amanda Spielman, to have inspectors ‘quiz’ young girls wearing the hijab to find out why they wear it: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Ameena, Student, Neasden, London Islam is a religion of modesty, in the way we talk, dress, interact, hold ourselves etc.

We wear the headscarf only as part of retaining that modesty.

Secondly, two it will make children that they are different, almost out casted and not expected; that they aren’t like their friends and surely to plant that into a child’s mind is worse, it’s almost segregating a child from their own community which they are safe in – their school.

Banning a child from choosing how they dress is taking away their free will, they will not understand why it’s okay for some people to dress the way they like but it is not okay for others and it worries me it will create a barrier within our society, and could potentially show we in Britain in the 21st century are not accepting of diversity.

With media giving wrong interpretation of islam, i feel Ofsted is being sucked in the propaganda.

Now if this mother happens to be a Muslim woman who has decided to wear a headscarf for her own personal beliefs, the imitation of the daughter is now unfortunately being questioned unlike any other mother or family which falls into a category of a different faith or community.

I am a mother of 2, I have a 4-year-old son and a 2-year-old daughter.

I believe young girls in primary schools even young as 4 years old, have a tendency to copy their mum, elder sisters or just see other friends wearing the hijab.

Girls at this age normally like to copy people they like, the way they would if someone wear a jewellery or shoes, its like a trend.My son has insisted many times to try on a headscarf so he can see what it feels like and more importantly to copy his mother or maybe Batman – which of course I had no problem with whatsoever as that it’s a child’s nature to show curiosity and mimic others- I mean if it’s good enough for Batman then who am I to say.