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06-Jul-2017 20:56

For example, he can’t get a real girlfriend, so he pretends he’s dating a cartoon horse.

It’s also why the average person can enjoy Star Wars and think the Boba Fett is cool, but an omega may actually come to believe he is similar to the Boba Fett and be shocked when a woman isn’t impressed by his collection of Boba Fett collectibles.

Often his “style” of dress isn’t even intentional, and may manifest itself as ratty and long hair, and dirty and frumpy clothes.

Because omegas may lack social awareness, they can ignore even basic hygiene concerns.

An omega male might not know the line between appropriate and inappropriate or ignores it.

Omega males lack common social skills and have an inability to read social cues in others (or don’t care).

Now is a good time to take our entertaining and utterly non-scientific “What Type of Male Are You” Quiz! ” Because it’s not a fully scientific concept, it’s not easy to define an omega male perfectly.

However, a good omega male definition is guy who has checked out of the mainstream completely.

We even wrote an article about the alpha male, the beta male and the jerk.

They don’t conform and usually don’t have a desire to conform. Omega males are the last place according to the terms of society (socially, at least).

They typically lack drive to succeed in mainstream ways and instead go their own way.

You probably know a guy from your past (or present) who doesn’t seem to fit in. He has bizarre interests, struggles to get dates, dresses differently, and probably gives a bit of a creepy vibe.

Believe it or not, there is a term for this kind of guy: omega male.

Classic omega behavior: social cluelessness, a sense of entitlement, and inappropriate social boundaries.

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