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But, on what creature did the ancient Babylonians model the dragon?

(click the depiction to enlarge) Koldewey believed that the sirrush was a portrayal of a real animal and in 1918, he proposed that the dinosaur .

The creatures on this particular art, which is housed in the Ethnographical Museum of Budapest, bear a striking resemblance to the hadrosaurids species , 1972, plate 10.) Chinese stories and stylized dragon depictions are fairly common. This piece was submitted for industrial X-Ray authentication and the patina was also chemically tested, showing that the artifact was clearly genuine.

But an unusual beaked dragon statue came up on the antiquities market and is now in the Genesis Park collection. A beautifully preserved beaked dinosaur mummy ( was discovered in Alberta, Canada in 2013.

The bronze styling on this artifact suggests it is from the Han Dynasty (206 B. The specimen sported a fleshy crest atop its head (like a rooster).

Researchers theorized that the hat-like ornament was brightly colored to allow for identification.

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Displaying a tridactyl foot, a long neck and a head that resembles a , Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1980, p.Dragons form an integral part of Persian mythology and beliefs.

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