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The idea is so big, so fresh, that both sides are sure there's a fortune to be made.

The question is who will nail down the market first., the front-runner for best picture at this year's Oscars, you're...wrong.

Now, with the blessing of Powell’s family and her Estate, Page is selling the original manuscripts.

Many readers consider the Diaries Powell’s masterpiece – and most of their content is unknown.

An 800 yard wide tornado would kill 25 near Kokomo. So many Hoosier families were affected and I had a chance to hear more of their stories and recount not only the night but the events after the storms. The Elkhart County Historical Museum has an exhibit of photos documenting the day – a must see.

I gave her a free questionnaire because she helped me distribute in the dorms there.Well, not wrong, exactly, but this isn't that story.Almost 40 years before Mark Zuckerberg allegedly hoodwinked the Winklevoss twins and pushed out partner Eduardo Saverin to create Facebook, two rival sets of "mir weary" Harvard students scrambled to corner the market for computer-dating. On September 30, 1965, the "I don't know why all this social networking stuff starts at Harvard," says Chris Walker, now 66, then a player at the center of Harvard's first geek-on-geek war. The Operation Match questionnaire was somewhat playful. (One Operation Match survey question, "My race is...," had only three options: Caucasian, Oriental, or Negro.) Still, both aimed to expand the campus dating pool from Wheaton to Wellesley, from Pembroke to Mount Holyoke., the intrigue here had as much to do with the thrill of new technology as it did with who talked the most smack.37 tornadoes would touch down in six states that day, killing 258 and injuring 3,000. Weather Bureau relied on information from Chicago and its radar. Following that deadly tornado outbreak, the National Weather Service underwent changes to improve severe weather forecasts and warnings, including establishing the Watch and Warning Program that exists today and the weather spotter program, SKYWARN.

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The historical image of the twin F4 tornadoes that struck the Midway Trailer Park near Dunlap was photographed by Elkhart Truth photographer Paul Huffman. The tornado reports were so numerous that for the first and only time in U. I was honored to return to Elkhart, Dunlap and Goshen two years ago, marking the 50th anniversary of those dreadful tornadoes.In the same way that makes it possible to search airfares from the websites of several different airlines, Dating Starts Here aims to be the umbrella site of dating sites, potentially offering users the ability to search scores of sites at once.

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