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24-Jun-2017 03:22

So here we go — the fruits (and pastries, and beverages) of my nervous productivity.

To begin, my book club and I went to a lovely Russian restaurant here in NYC last week, called Mari Vanna. The food was delicious, the ambiance is like being in someone’s grandmother’s parlor, and the house-infused vodkas and vodka cocktails are outstanding.

Henri Fleisch also found an Emireh point amongst material from the site, which has now disappeared beneath buildings.

Beirut V, or Nahr Beirut (Beirut River), was discovered by Dillenseger and said to be in an orchard of mulberry trees on the left bank of the river, near the river mouth, and to be close to the railway station and bridge to Tripoli.

Fragments of blades and broad flakes were recovered from the first layer of black soil, above which some Bronze Age pottery was recovered in a layer of grey soil.

Pieces of Roman pottery and mosaics were found in the upper layer.

I wanted to get all of the foods in this post recorded before new year’s day, but holiday insanity being what it is, that didn’t happen.

Now, I want to get these entered into the archives before the end of another era. Recently finished a fellowship at The Juilliard School in NYC.

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Beirut VII, or Rivoli Cinema and Byblos Cinema sites near the Bourj in the Rue el Arz area, are two sites discovered by Lorraine Copeland and Peter Wescombe in 1964 and examined by Diana Kirkbride and Roger Saidah.Following the destructive Lebanese Civil War, Beirut's cultural landscape underwent major reconstruction. Beirut I, or Minet el Hosn, was listed as "Beyrouth ville" by Louis Burkhalter and said to be on the beach near the Orent and Bassoul hotels on the Avenue des Français in central Beirut.Beirut II, or Umm el Khatib, was suggested by Burkhalter to have been south of Tarik el Jedideh, where P. Gigues discovered a Copper Age flint industry at around 100 metres (328 feet) above sea level. Beirut III, Furn esh Shebbak or Plateau Tabet, was suggested to have been located on the left bank of the Beirut River. Gigues discovered a series of Neolithic flint tools on the surface along with the remains of a structure suggested to be a hut circle.You can find them on pretty much every street corner below 125th street. I’m now 1/10 of the way done with 1000 Foods to Eat Before You Die, after starting this project a year and a half ago.

But, I hate to break it to y’all, the very VERY BEST soft pretzels are found in Amish country. I made a push to break 100 by concentrating on the American and Canadian section of the book — all of these foods are from that chapter.

Two later reports by an international committee of archaeologists appointed by Layoun, including Hanz Curver, and an expert report by Ralph Pederson, a member of the institute of Nautical Archaeology and now teaching at Marburg in Germany, dismissed the claims that the trenches were a port, on various criteria.

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